[Webinar Recording] Tricks for Managing Your Inventory

[Webinar Recording] Stock issues are not going away any time soon. But you can project better by using your data with new dynamic reporting! Do not miss this webinar recording detailing exactly how you can use Batched Inventory Forecast Reporting to quickly pinpoint needs, forecast more accurately, and make decisions more confidently with the better visualization of alternatives.

Kinks in the Supply Chain

You are all too aware of the immediate inventory challenges you face. And our latest webinar, Tricks for Managing Your Inventory in a World of  Uncertainty, reveals how Batched is developing reporting to enable you to use your Label Traxx data in powerful ways. 

This webinar will highlight:

  • How to leverage your data for greater visibility over complex inventory
  • Advanced planning and scheduling that takes into account global inventories
  • Ways to deal with supplier delivery issues
  • Tangible steps to take to manage inventory better
  • And much more!

Watch the recording now and learn how to take better control over your inventory!

Watch the Webinar

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