Labelexpo 2022 - Automated Scheduling, Sales Portals, And More!

Digital transformation is a recurring theme at this year's Labelexpo Americas 2022 in Chicago, September 13 - 15. A unique Digital Embellishment Trail will also feature at the event, allowing attendees to explore various digital decoration options replacing analog processes. And LabelTraxx will present powerful virtual tools giving converters greater control over their production environments and collaborations with estimators and customers.

Digital Transformation 

We support label converters that are modernizing their businesses and are 100% behind this year's theme! Andy Thomas-Emans, Packaging & Brand Print Group's Strategic Director, has noted:

“Labelexpo Americas 2022 is shaping up to be one of the most important milestones in the transition of the labels industry from analog to digital printing. The digital technology on display not only challenges basic 4-color flexo but could also replace the legacy press equipment which probably makes up 50 percent of the installed narrow web base.”

Simplifying Production Environments

There are two critical digital features we now offer converters that we will fully announce at Labelexpo: 

  • Siteline Sales Portal/CRM 
  • Batched Automated Scheduling with Manual Overrides

Siteline Sales Portal/CRM

The Siteline Sales Portal/CRM gives Sales teams greater access to their Customers, Prospects, Estimates, Jobs, and Invoices, all at the click of a button. It enables Sales to estimate faster in real-time collaboration with estimators and customers. 

Batched Automated Scheduling with Manual Overrides 

Batched removes the guesswork from scheduling and minimizes the interaction your processing and customer service teams need with customers. Batched creates automated schedules and now allows you to override/adjust for the reality that is your day-to-day schedule. With Batched you can automate, then adjust for exceptions.

LabelExpo 2022 Preview - Upcoming Webinar

Let us tell you more! Don't miss our upcoming webinar on September 7, 2022, 10:00 AM CT. Our panel of experts will delve into what we expect from Labelexpo 2022, detail LabelTraxx offerings and new features, and take live questions.   

labelexpo panel

Please join us for a preview of our Labelexpo Americas announcement and to learn more.


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